By far the most ancient in the group of the Dhyani Buddhas is Amitabha, who is conceived as residing in the Sukhavati Heaven in peaceful meditation. He presides over the current Kapla (cycle), which goes by the name of Bhadrakalpa. But it is not his business to create or to stir himself to action; it is his Bodhisattva, Padmapani who is the active energy or the creative principle.

He faces the West and the Nepalese Buddhist regard him as the fourth Dhyani Buddha. His two hands with palm open lie on his lap, once upon the other. His color is red and his Vahana (vehicle) is a pair of peacocks. His crest or cognizance is the full blown lotus.

He is worshipped thinking that one can have salvation. Sometimes holding a Patra on the same posture. His female is Pandara. Amitabha denotes “Boundless light” or Incomprehensible.