Adi Buddha Handicraft

Visually pleasing Buddhist Art.

The Three Jewels: the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha

dsc_0562.jpgThe Nepalese Newar Buddhism’s core components are the Three Jewels: the Buddha, the dharma (Buddhist teachings and behavioral code), and the sangha (monastic community). Uniqueness of this iconography is that each of these elements is personified by a different figure: a Buddha (generally Shakyamuni Buddha), Prajnaparamita (the embodiment of perfect wisdom), and Avalokiteshvara (the embodiment of compassion) respectively. Newar Buddhist texts emphasize the efficacy of taking refuge in the Three Jewels, focusing on their authority and protective ability.


We are thinking about Investing in Nepal Hydropower Plant…

It may sound crazy but we been doing research to understand and to make decision whether to invest in hydropower plant in Nepal. There are strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats. What do you think about our concept?

Foreign investments in Nepal’s Hydropower sector

Source: Foreign investments in Nepal’s Hydropower sector

How can businesses attract more customer?

People like to go out and eat at restaurants and diners.  Good food is really important. However,  a good attraction is also one key factor to attract customers. What this business can do is provide ideas to decorate the restaurants. Reviews show that environment is very important to make customers feel comfortable.
Do you agree with what we think?

Idea: to promote Buddhist statues as art decoration for businesses.

We have an idea to promote Buddhist art and statues as a form of decoration for businesses like restaurants and law firm.

What is your feedback on this?


Help me Brainstorm Ideas for Buddhist art.

What comes to your mind when you see this art. Feel free to write anything.


Wanted! your responses for Buddhist Art Market Survey

Click on the link to start:

This will take less than five minutes and anonymous. With your help we can understand the market much better. Not only that, you can see the results after you complete this survey. Take a look what people have to say about Art and Buddhist art.

Why Networking is important in today’s globalized world.

We had an opportunity to go to an event called Cornstalks. This is where startup entrepreneurs come and share their stories. It is very important that we build relationships and connect with different and diverse people. One reason is because we never know what they will give you when we interact. Even if they are not part of your industry, chances are, they might know somebody who is going to help you out.

Social medias like LinkedIn are the best way to connect in business world. Networking, connecting points, and listening is what we should be doing.

Buddhist art: a dilemma

How do you make people see the beauty of Buddhist art without bringing religion?

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